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Automatic sorting machine

  • Fruit and Vegetable Disc Weight Separator
Fruit and Vegetable Disc Weight Separator

Fruit and Vegetable Disc Weight Separator

  • Customizable
  • high speed
  • High precision
  • Multilevel sorting
  • Product description: By comparing the weight of fruit and vegetable, we can distinguish them accurately and correctly. The automatic sorter of fruit and vegetable can screen the weight of fruit and vegetable into eight gr
Product alias: abalone weight classification, chicken leg weight classifier, chicken weight classifier, sea cucumber weight classifier disc Automatic sorting machine
Scope of application: Chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, sea cucumber, abalone, small fish, shrimp, seafood, traditional Chinese medicine, fruits and other sizes less than 110 * 200 mm, weight less than 1000g of materials (fractal shape and material) 1-14 weight classification.

YGW-YP disc automatic weight sorter/weight classifier is mainly used for grading or specifications according to weight of aquatic products, poultry meat products, Chinese medicinal materials, industrial raw materials and so on. It can customize up to 20 sorting specifications, replace manual sorting with high efficiency. The sorting speed is up to 320 minutes, and the sorting precision is up to 0.2g. While saving labor costs, it can greatly improve the standardization of products, and bring more bargaining space and bargaining power.
Product characteristics:

The ten inch large screen is bright and clear, and the function keys are large and the size is reduced.
It can store up to more than 100 product formulations and reduce production downtime when replacing products.
Import components to reduce equipment failure rate, improve production accuracy;
The feeding platform can be fed by many people at the same time to improve production efficiency.
Built in production record can record the number, weight and ratio of each level in detail.
Using high density self-lubricating injection material and double contact design, double wear resistance and service life can be increased.
304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and rusty.
The material box is easy to assemble and disassemble, and does not need tools for quick disassembly and assembly for easy cleaning.
Germany waterproof motor (IP65), low voltage electric control and waterproof design, improve safety.
Bilingual teaching mode is easy to learn and operate.

Model LC-F500 LC-F510 LC-F520 LC-F530
The single weighing range is less than 500g
The weighing accuracy range is + 0.3g~ + 3G.
Minimum scale 0.1g
Conveying speed -
Weighing material size is less than 120mm (L).
* less than 80mm (W) less than 180mm (L)
* less than 100mm (W) less than 230mm (L)
* less than 100mm (W) less than 300mm (L)
* less than 170mm (W)
Bin size 173mm (L)
*91mm (W) 200mm (L)
*117mm (W) 250mm (L)
*119mm (W) 330mm (L)
*183mm (W)
Power AC220V + 10%50Hz (60Hz)
Dumping mode
High speed A/D sampling controller for control system
99 Kinds of preset product number
Operation indicator mode touch screen
Working environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 C, humidity: 30% ~ 95%
Body material SUS304 stainless steel