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Fourth generation slide type crawfish zhuhai lianchuang 】 【 automatic sorting machine sold well all over the country

According to Meituan released the crayfish consumption big data report shows that 2018 crawfish output value has reached 400 billion yuan, equivalent to 2018 full-year GDP in belarus.In the past year, Meituan hungry? User consumption of about 45000 tons of crayfish.If the crawfish end to end, the total length can be nearly three laps around the earth.As small lobster industry growing, crayfish launch date has repeatedly been ahead of time, from the initial to April to early march this year in May can see the figure of crayfish, have to say that food machinery equipment plays an important role in it.According to crayfish farmers, crayfish sorting equipment application is more and more important.In general, when early salvage 50 kg of crayfish, 35 kg do not conform to the standard.These do not conform to the standard of crawfish, can quickly remove by crayfish sorting equipment, back to continue breeding HaTang.Farmers at the time of selling crayfish, crayfish size as reference price, the bigger value is high, the smaller the value is low, especially the need of the small back next pond aquaculture.Zhuhai lianchuang automation equipment co., LTD., research and development of the fourth generation of crawfish sorting machine can according to the market easily sorting specifications for different grades of crayfish, thus to meet the market demand for crayfish.To help farmers value maximum benefit.Make small lobster dishes, and restaurants will be on the size of the crawfish as the basis, the choice of the ways of cooking, such as large oil braised shrimp, shrimp can do shrimp, shrimp to eat.And zhuhai lianchuang fourth-generation crawfish sorting equipment in accordance with the specifications sorting can fully meet the market demand.Zhuhai lianchuang crawfish sorting machine applied in Germany AD weighing sensors, such as dynamic filtering technology, makes the equipment in fast sorting, precision remain within the range of + / - 0.5 g, at the same time, in view of the small lobster card feet, pliers and creep characteristics, provide blow, push rod, shifter lever, falling type out a variety of ways to choose, and custom.For crayfish sorting machine, for farmers, wholesale households provide higher efficiency, more bargaining power sorting plan.