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Oyster automatic sorting machine to replace manual sorting, precise high quality

Small and medium-sized production workshop assembly line production raw oysters small endowment enterprise, usually set by the acquisition of selling market raw oysters for centralized processing, from cleaning, sorting, packaging, sales market!In order to get better oyster processing product quality, the zhuhai lianchuang automation equipment co., LTD., to improve the production process automation assembly line production process, the specially developed a kind of suitable for oyster carried out in accordance with the size, weight sorting machines, collectively known as weight sorting machine, can be customized with oyster cleaning machine, etc.Oyster Automatic sorting machine, also known as oyster separator, weight selected nickname, the automatic weight balance, is a kind of based on product weight principle, the embedded PLC control, industrial control computer integrated software will automatically by the weighing platform measuring unit oyster weighing measuring net weight, and display the real-time display of oyster weight value, then the sorting through the swing arm type automatic sorting of shifter lever box to the weight of the corresponding grade, for the back of the packaging to reduce artificial weighing, artificial separation of machining process.Raw oysters, as it were, Automatic sorting machine is designed for domestic oyster farmers, small and medium-sized processing enterprises, independent weighing module design, the whole machine equipment general design into three parts, one is the speed matching section, this machine structure is mainly the unit product acceleration processing, transporting to the second phase, for the second period of automatic weighing the weight of the weighing speed, weight, weight sorting accuracy and foreshadowing, three optimal is we provide you with the best solution;The third paragraph, it is according to the weight size box, by industrial control computer on-line automatic weighing control system software, the unit oyster individuals by sorting through the swing arm type automatic sorting of shifter lever to the weight of the corresponding level, can set up eight corresponding grade separation, in the packaging, packaging, sales, for the enterprise to the quality of the product, the brand market competitiveness.2019, zhuhai lianchuang is coastal areas of guangdong zhanjiang a oyster seafood processing enterprises customized production of an annual oyster/oyster weight sorting machine, the equipment is mainly in zhanjiang company will whole oyster/oyster weight size grading, the company a lot of weight of oyster/oyster choose don't weight, making convenience for secondary quantitative packaging, oyster uniform individual units, products distribution channels to get the support!Oyster breeding, tend to be centralized or area, in the process of harvesting and, because of the large production needs to be a single oyster cleaning, and size according to the weight for weight, for different customers or provide oyster with different levels of weight distribution market.Zhuhai lianchuang weight sorting machine can do it!Win the market consistent high praise!