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What are the types and functions of automatic sorter

Automatic sorting machine is generally composed of conveying machinery, electrical automatic control and computer information system. It can automatically sort, pack and seal cigarettes, whole boxes of cigarettes, drugs, goods and materials according to users'requirements and site conditions. Mechanical conveying equipment is designed and customized according to the shape, volume and weight of conveying goods. Sorting conveyor is one of the key equipments for the classification and arrangement of logistics in factory automated warehouse and logistics distribution center. The accurate and fast work of logistics center can be achieved by using sorting system. Therefore, in the express industry, he is known as "intelligent robot hand".

The following is a brief introduction to the main types of sorter.

Slab tilting sorter
This is a special type of strip conveyor. Commodities are loaded on the strip of the conveyor. When the commodity moves to the position where it needs to be sorted, one end of the strip automatically rises, tilting the strip, thus removing the commodity from the main conveyor. The number of strips occupied by the commodity depends on the length of the commodity. The number of strips occupied by the commodity is like a unit, and at the same time tilting. The length of the machine to the goods is not limited within a certain range.

Tape float sorter
The sorting structure is used in the main roller conveyor. Two or more belt or single chain driven by power are transversely mounted below the main conveyor roller.  When the sorting machine structure accepts the instruction to start inch, the tape or chain rises upwards, contacts the bottom of the commodity to pick up the commodity, and moves it to the hungry side of the main conveyor.

Slider sorter
The slider type sorter is also a special type of strip conveyor as shown in the figure.  The surface of the conveyor is made up of metal strips or pipes, such as bamboo sheets. On each strip or pipe, there is a guide slide made of hard material, which can slide along the strip transversely. Normally, the slider stops at the side of the conveyor. The lower part of the slider is connected with a pin and a guide rod under the strip. Through computer control, when the sorted goods arrive at the designated crossing, the controller makes the guide slider slide orderly and automatically to the opposite side of the conveyor, pushing the goods to the sorting crossing, thus the goods are led out of the main conveyor. This way is to gradually roll out the goods laterally without impacting them, so the goods are not easy to be damaged. It has a wide range of applications to the shape and size of the sorting products, and is the latest high-speed sorting machine abroad.
Slider sorter is also a kind of sorter which is widely used in express industry. Slider sorter is a very reliable sorter with very low failure rate. In large distribution centers, such as UPS Louisville, a large number of slider sorters are used to complete pre-sorting and final sorting. The slider type sorter can be used by overlapping multiple units to meet the requirement of single slider type sorter.

Crossband sorter
There are many types of cross-belt sorter, usually a car with two belts, that is, there are two vertical belts on the top of a small car, which can carry a package on each belt or two belts can be combined to carry a package. When two pieces of belt are combined to carry a package, the direction of the package and the direction of the sorting can be pre-operated in the direction of the two pieces of belt of the sorting machine, so that the distance between the slots can be reduced. The advantages of the cross-belt sorter are low noise and wide range of sortable goods. The maximum capacity of a single sorter can be about 20,000 pieces per hour through bilateral contracting and pass optimization. But the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the cost is relatively expensive and the maintenance cost is high. At present, the main suppliers in this area are FKI, Vanderland, Cinetic, German Berman Machinery, Intel and so on. There are Putian and Shanghai Post in China.

Turntable sorter
The tray type sorting machine is used to sort out the package by the way of tray overturning. The sorting machine is also used in the express industry, but more is used in the field of airport baggage sorting. The maximum capacity can reach 12,000 pieces per hour. The standard tipping plate sorter is composed of wooden pallet, tipping device and bottom frame. The tipping can be divided into mechanical tipping and electric tipping. Suppliers include FKI, Vanderland, German Berman Machinery, etc.

Baffle sorter
Baffle sorting machine is to use a baffle (baffle) to block goods moving forward on the conveyor, and guide the goods to one side of the slideway to discharge. Another form of baffle is that one end of the baffle acts as a fulcrum and can be rotated. When the baffle moves, it acts like a wall to block the goods moving forward. It uses the friction force of the conveyor to push the goods, so that the goods move along the baffle surface and discharge from the main conveyor to the slideway. At ordinary times, the baffle is on the side of the main conveyor, so that the goods can continue to move forward; if the baffle moves horizontally or rotates, the goods will be arranged on the slideway. The baffle is usually installed on both sides of the conveyor, and does not touch the plane of the conveyor. Even in operation, it only touches the commodity without touching the conveyor's conveyor surface, so it is suitable for most types of conveyors. As far as the baffle itself is concerned, there are also different forms, such as straight line and curve type, and there are also drums or smooth plastic materials on the working face of the baffle to reduce friction resistance.

Roller float sorter

The sorting mechanism is used on the main conveyor of roller type or chain type. One or dozens of oblique rollers with power are installed under the surface of the main conveyor. The sorting mechanism is opened.

These are all kinds of sorting machines. According to their classification, it is easy to see that each sorting machine has its own sorting object, which is also an important difference between various sorting machines. But now the automatic sorter still stays on the sorting of small items, and can not drive large items. Therefore, large-scale goods sorting machine is still the focus of logistics experts.