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[Zhuhai Lianchuang] What's the price of the automatic sorter and how much can you buy one?

In the era of transformation of existing enterprises and factories, many factories use automatic equipment manipulators or semi-automatic equipment manipulators to replace manual labor. The production quality and speed of enterprises have improved, and the efficiency is as high as 300%. The rise of this automation industry has made many traditional human production enterprises focus on automation equipment. Through automation equipment to reduce human costs, improve enterprise productivity. Because the machine will not complain, no complaints, no fatigue, can work 24 hours without stopping, no wages, social security, a single investment, long service life.

If your company is facing shortage of manpower, slow manual production speed, incomplete quality, low production efficiency and so on, you urgently need a fully automatic sorter, dynamic detection and sorting.

Automatic sorting machine can be applied to provide efficient and reliable dynamic weighing machine, weight classifier and system solutions for food, medicine, aquatic products, fine chemical industry, hardware, logistics, agriculture, aviation and other industries. The products are all over the country, involving all walks of life.

There are so many industries in which automatic sorters can be used. How much does an automatic sorter cost? Today's edition gives you a detailed introduction.

Price of chain plate sorter:

Alibaba: 25000-140000 yuan, low price quotation for drainage is not the actual transaction price;

B2B platform: 50,000-130,000 yuan, the price varies according to the type of machine and material used by enterprises.

Zhuhai Lianchuang: 70,000 yuan in one-sided sorting
Unilateral sorting + hoist 90000 yuan
Bilateral sorting 130000 yuan
Bilateral sorting + hoist 150000 yuan

The above models are all made of 304 stainless steel frame, imported motors and modules. Engineers independently develop and customize them.

Price of disc automatic sorter:

Alibaba: 35000-60000 yuan, different materials, different quotations;

B2B platform: 30000-65000 yuan, different materials, different quotations;

Zhuhai Lianchuang: 55000 yuan, using 304 stainless steel frame, imported motors, modules, pallets, engineers independently develop customized.